• Marie Sulda

Tokyo under crystal clear skies

by Mihoko at Experience Japan

What has been happening in Japan since Covid 19?

Due to the lack of tourists from abroad, Japanese people have been travelling domestically more than ever before especially to places like Kyoto, where it has been too crowded for them to visit in recent years. The locals have an opportunity to enjoy their country to themselves for a little while. Secondly, I think the rest of the world no longer considers Japanese people crazy for wearing masks at all times! Lastly, like anywhere else in the world, people isolating means less pollution. I have seen photos of beautiful cherry blossoms in Tokyo under crystal clear blue sky and stunning views of Mt Fuji from Hakone which is a rarity.

What have you been eating in isolation?

Any baked items, sweet or savoury and Japanese home cooking.

What would you like the world to know about Japan?

Japan is a clean, safe, and culturally diverse country with a core value of hospitality and politeness. From serenity you find in temples and craziness, quirkiness of big cities to great natural scenery and fabulous food, you will be inspired everywhere you go. When the world is a safer place to travel, Japan will be ready to welcome you and I promise you will be planning your next trip back while you are still there!

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