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Travel is one of the most coveted modern day purchases, giving us an escape from our everyday lives to open our eyes, hearts and minds. However, as we become more educated on the impacts of over tourism within destinations and the carbon associated with transport, many people are looking at alternate ways to continue travelling but lessen their impact.

Here are our top picks to reduce your travel footprint.

1. Carbon Credits

When travelling via air you have the option to offset your carbon via companies such as Saving Nature. Their simple flight carbon calculator will tell you how much carbon dioxide you will emit for hours flown, how many trees would need to be planted to offset the carbon or what donation you could make to offset the carbon.

2. Travel with a Reusable water bottle

We have all seen the photos on social media of the mountains of plastic water bottles littering our planet. Taking a reusable water bottle is not only great for the environment, but great for your budget too. Fill up your water bottle for the day in your hotel/hostel room or if the water is not safe to drink, many hotels will have access to filtered water in their restaurants and bars and will fill your bottle for free.

3. Lifestraw filtration system

If you’re travelling to a remote place or are unsure as to whether the tap water is safe, consider taking a life straw for sports, survival or outdoor emergencies or a Lifestraw water filter bottle. Not only will you be protecting yourself, but for every product sold, Lifestraw will ensure a child in need receives safe drinking water for an entire school year, plus you wont be buying hundreds of plastic bottles to stay hydrated.

4. Foldable shopping bags

It is inevitable that whilst travelling you will need a trip to the local shops or supermarket. By packing a fold-able shopping bag, it will take up minimal space and you won’t need to accept plastic bags for your purchase. Biome has a range of over 95 reusable shopping bag solutions to suit your travel style.

5. Books and Magazines online

Purchasing multiple books and Magazines may be bad for the environment, but lugging them through customs in your carry-on luggage can also put your back out before your holiday has even begun. Using your phone, tablet or laptop to download your favourite books and magazines is a great saver for our planet, your back and your luggage kg’s.

6. Solar Power Banks

If you’re wondering how books and magazines may stack up to the constant powering of your devices, why not take a Solar power bank with you. These pocket sized power banks only need a few hours in the sun to charge your devices multiple times. Wild Earth stock various Solar powered chargers to suit every adventure.

7. Solid Toiletries

Hotel amenities (whilst can come in handy) when used every day provides many wasteful bottles. An increasing amount of hotels, resorts and hostels are beginning to use refillable and reusable pump packs in hotel rooms, but another option, is to bring along your own solid toiletries. The Ethnique hair care bars are Vegan, plant based, soap free, zero waste products with compostable packaging. They are easily packed for regular use on the go.

8. Keep Cups for Coffee

Do you love your coffee on the go? If you purchase a great quality lasting product such as the Frank Green cup then you can grab your coffee on the go from your hotel room, local café or even use it to store soups or noodles for a cheap lunch when exploring on a budget.

9. Research Resorts, Hotels, Tour Operators and Cruise Liners who support Sustainability

There are an increasing amount of suppliers in destination that are aware of tourism impacts and are dedicated to doing something about it. Earthcheck provides a Sustainable and Responsible Tourism Directory and tour provider Intrepid Travel has just received BCorp certification. A BCorp business meets the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose. By booking through a provider who is committed to sustainability, it will encourage others to do the same. If you're interested in finding out more about Sustainable Holidays, contact us at Kaleidoscopic Travel.

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