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5 steps for planning your 2020 Family Holiday

Most families have a budget for their holidays and who doesn’t want the best value for their money? Many are on an eternal quest to get a cheap deal, but sometimes the price isn’t worth enduring the holiday you purchased. Cheap prices often mean destinations out of where you would rather be, bedding that doesn’t suit the family’s needs and inclusions you may never actually use.

Here are our top 5 tips for ensuring you not only get the best deal, but the holiday you wanted.

1. Set yourself a budget.

By setting a realistic budget, you can be realistic about the holiday you can afford. If your budget is $2000, then at least you can rule out Europe for a family of four. Ensure you include money for flights, accommodation and at least $100 AUD per day for food and transport as a basic guide (which can be dialled up or down depending on how frugal or extravagant you would like to be). Once you have set a budget, then you can shop for deals.

2. School Holidays = Book Early

If you want to travel in the school holidays, then generally, the earlier you book the better. The pricing will be higher over these times and availability less. Holding out for deals, may result in you finding there are no flights at reasonable prices or accommodation rooms left in the resort you wanted to stay in. If you have a holiday plan for school holidays, then enact it 8-11 months in advance.

3. Not all Deals are Deals

A deal is only beneficial if it suits what you want. Shopping specifically on deals can be confusing and leave you with a room type that just isn’t quite right, a destination way out of town or you may find you have paid for inclusions you won’t even use. Be realistic about what your family needs.

  • Is location key?

  • Are two bedrooms a necessity?

  • Is kids club a must?

  • Would you like Breakfast daily included?

Travel Agents have access to most available online deals and a range of wholesale deals you can’t even find online. Contacting an agent early and telling them your requirements will mean you have an expert set of eyes searching through a myriad of properties and deals, they will be able to find something to meet your requirements within budget.

4. Look at your total holiday

You may think it is a good idea to grab a dirt-cheap rate on a rental home or hotel 30 minutes out of town, but you may lose that savings on transport costs travelling into town, not to mention precious holiday time on unnecessary transport or waiting for key handovers. The same logic goes for flights, paying an extra $100 for a flight that connects quickly may work out cheaper than booking the cheapest option with an overnight layover where you pay for overnight accommodation. Always take into account the cost of snacks during waiting times!

5. Craft an itinerary that makes everyone happy

A family holiday can be the best of times and the worst of times, so ensuring that everyone is catered for is key. Younger children don’t fare well with hours of travelling time every day, so ensure your days are broken up. Look at a selection of activities for adults and for children, so everyone has a chance to enjoy a new experience. Down time in the afternoons for a rest or to combat the overwhelm of being in a new location can be a lifesaver for the family mood and gives everyone time to rebuild energy levels to dine out again at night.

If you have teens, being connected is important to their happiness, but so is experiencing real life on holidays. Set guidelines before departing on when devices need to go down and carve out some time so they can load their selfies on the gram for the followers at home.

Itineraries that are jam packed, can come unstuck with schedule changes or general travel mishaps that happen from time to time, so ensure you have some room to move in your schedule for the unexpected.

Speak to a Travel Designer who is an expert in Family Holidays. Our Travel Designers don’t charge you consulting fees, they get you the best deals that they can and they give you all their experience and knowledge along the way, whilst looking after you for any changes or challenges whilst travelling.

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