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Travelling on a Plane varies whether you're alone, travelling for work or with kids. Here are some top tips that will have you arriving cool, calm and collected in your next destination!

1. Layers are key. Depending on the weather and where you're travelling, the cabin temperature can vary from hot to freezing cold. Make sure you have various layers you can put on or take off. Choosing a cardigan or wrap that can double as a blanket over your legs or a pillow is a great idea.

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2. Scarves and Pashminas! These versatile accessories will mean you can drape it across your shoulders, use it as a blanket or pillow or even over your eyes if the cabin lights are on and you want to be asleep. Once in your destination they are great for sun protection or are sometimes required over heads and shoulders to explore historic churches or monuments.

3. Breathable pants and tops. Wearing Jeans or restrictive pants is a big no no when flying. Sitting for long periods of time can be uncomfortable and you may be climbing past other travellers, so having comfortable pants is a great idea. The best investment you could make would be bamboo fabric leggins, they are comfortable and they breathe. Make sure your tshirt, undershirt and long sleeved tops are either cotton or bamboo fabrics so your temperature is better regulated.

4. Take a touch up kit. A brush, moisturiser or spritzer like Jurlique's Calming Blend

and basic makeup items are great for a pre-landing makeover. Be sure to adhere to the on board liquids and powder rulings which mean that all liquids must be under 100ml's and powders must be 350ml's or less. To check out the exact rulings be sure to visit the Department of Home Affairs for further information.

5. Pack a second outfit! If you're off to a meeting when you touch down, pack an outfit in a suitbag so you can change on arrival. Having a spare outfit is great if you spill a drink, have kids dirty hands all over you or you're unwell or a great back up if for some reason your check in bag goes missing!

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