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Kaleidoscopic Travel Launch Online Lifestyle Travel Shop

Kaleidoscopic Travel launched their new website and Lifestyle shop on the 2nd of February by their experienced Travel Designers to over 200 female guests at Mercedes Benz Unley.

Founders Marie Sulda and Scott Ayars wanted Kaleidoscopic Travel to be a Lifestyle Agency that caters to all aspects of a customer’s needs when travelling. Founder Marie Sulda said “We are drawing on over 100 years of travel experience between our Travel Designers and they really know the best clothes to pack, what luggage will suit their client’s adventure and how to pack for the destination they are visiting. Our clients are time poor and there is nothing worse than busily running around to several shops before your holiday trying to pick up individual items, now they have a one stop shop and it will be delivered to their door”.

Business and Leisure travellers can now book their holiday with one of Kaleidoscopic Travel’s experienced Travel Designers, trained to curate individual experiences for customers within their own personal price range and then recommend any accessories that may make their trip easier prior to departure.

Little Tanning Dress is one of the products available to purchase prior to your holiday in the Online Shop!

Bloggers and Travel Designers will share their travel tips on the Company’s website and social media around the best clothing to wear whilst flying, which clothing pieces can be the most versatile whilst travelling and the best packing tips.

Functional Leather Accessories for every trip

Men's Leather Wallets for Business or Leisure Travel

Kaftans and Women's Travel Fashion

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