Turn your travel business dream into reality.



Do something TODAY, that your future self will Thank you for


At Kaleidoscopic Travel we believe that Travel changes your perspective. Our brand gives you the opportunity to continue your passion for Travel whilst learning to be a Business owner, determining your own work life and earning what you choose based on the success of your business.

If you are an entrepreneur at heart and are ready build and grow your business, then we want to help you achieve it. We understand that giving up the security of a set salary and launching yourself into unchartered territory is daunting (because we have done it ourselves) so our priority is guiding you through it with a personalized Mentoring and Marketing program that will suit you and your business. Our program mentors and grows your business with regular monthly training sessions including product, sales, health and wellbeing and business skills.

As part of your monthly fee we are committed to creating new client leads for our Franchisees through consistent advertising initiatives and events.



If you have the opportunity to do amazing things in your life, I strongly encourage you to invite someone to join” – Simon Sinek

We are dedicated to growing your business!

The travel landscape is changing and it will continue to change quickly. We won't sign you up and leave you on your own. We help you create your marketing program and provide you with real life advice because our founder started as a Travel Designer and knows the challenges you face along the way. 

We want you to be a part of a brand that means something to consumers and our goal is to keep your customer’s inspired! Kaleidoscopic Travel’s purpose is to send our travellers world wide so they can learn more about our world, the people in it and themselves. Our founder’s purpose is to provide Franchisees with a low cost opportunity to build their business, grow as an entrepreneur and therefore grow as an individual.

We are passionate about giving people the opportunity to build their business and to get paid for the work that they contribute. Our dream is to create a tribe of business people who do business differently, so they can live the life they choose.



Your life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change” – Jim Rohn
We believe that life is too short and that if you have the opportunity to create the lifestyle you have always dreamed of, then why not start! Whether your goals involve more time at the gym, spending more time at home with your kids, helping out elderly parents, or spending more time travelling, you have choice when you are a Mobile Travel Designer.

Success looks different to everyone. Whether you want to be a $200K a year Travel Designer who works full time or a $30K a year Travel Designer who works part time, you have the choice. 


  Your own business mentor


  Assistance to create a  Marketing Plan created specifically to suit your business

  Regular new client leads through Advertising and Event program

  Assistance with your Social Media Profile

  A Finance Department to process your payments and pay suppliers on your behalf, so you can concentrate on selling!

  Business Cards, Ticket Wallets and Cruise Merchandise

  Professional Indemnity Insurance INCLUDED

  Access to preferred suppliers and ticketing

  Access to GDS and back office system INCLUDED

  Annual Conference

  Keep 70% of your commission from $0 to $40,000 commission, keep 80% of your commission from $40,000 to $80,000 commission and keep 90% of your commission from $80,000+

  A low monthly membership fee of $165 + GST

  A once off payment of $650 + GST which is refunded if you achieve $15,000 in commission in your first quarter


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