Lisa Stanley

Lisa Stanley


Canada, United kingdom, France, Ireland, Borneo, Malaysia, Indonesia, Italy, Spain, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Slovenia, India, Nepal, Fiji, New Zealand, Argentina, Bolivia, Peru, Columbia, Brazil.


I feel blessed to not only have experience working in the travel industry but also having had the opportunity to work, live and travel overseas to many beautiful places. This has given me in-depth knowledge and a passion for travel that I can now utilise to help others achieve their own travel adventures and complete their own bucket lists.

I have worked in the United Kingdom and in Ski Resorts in Canada.


I firmly believe that as you explore the world you discover yourself! 

Whether it be a unique cultural experience, making new lifelong friends, seeing awe-inspiring sights or just simply a much needed relaxing getaway to re-centre yourself. Today's connected world holds so much potential and has no boundaries. I love being able to help people create and achieve their own adventures. 

“To Travel is to Live” – Hans Christian Andersen