Karina Irvine

Karina Irvine


Once you have the travel bug all you want is more. I have been fortunate to start travelling at a very early age. Living and working abroad in France, UK, USA and Canada making wine. Volunteering in South Africa to protect wildlife and Thailand teaching English. Backpacking through Europe, the Middle East, Asia and North America. Diving in Egypt and the Komodos. River cruising the Danube. Luxury cruising the Dalmatian coast. Touring Russia, Turkey, Europe, Thailand, Borneo, Canada, Morocco with amazing travel companies. Trekking the Mountain Gorillas in Uganda. Honeymoon and weddings in the Maldives, Fiji and Bali. Skiing in Austria, Canada and Australia.


I have had the fortunate opportunity to have either travelled, worked or volunteered in some amazing countries. From my first trip overseas to Bali to helping save the Rhino in Africa, they have all given me a different perspective and make me appreciate life and how amazing the world is.


You only live once so no regrets! When one door closes another one opens in every aspect of your life from work to friends to love so make the most of it. Make a difference and be kind to Nature.