Cheryl Bryson

Cheryl Bryson


I am originally from Scotland, have lived and worked in France, Italy and Spain, and travelled extensively across the UK and Europe. I love the hustle and bustle of South-East Asia and the calming beauty of the Fijian Islands. New Zealand has to be one of the most beautiful places I have ever explored. Having close family in Canada, I have explored much of British Columbia and the Rockies, as well as some of the USA, including California and New York. Closer to home, I adore Tasmania, Queensland, Melbourne and Sydney.


With a passion for people and travel, I have avidly been organising clients’ journeys near and afar for 12 plus years now. Over that period, I have developed extensive product knowledge in all aspects of travel, and love nothing more than arranging the perfect itinerary, at the best value, for my clients. My own style of travel ranges from grassroots to boutique luxury, but there is always good food, a bicycle and local experiences involved!


I live life passionately and seek to find gratitude in even the littlest of things.

Whether it is Pilates, yoga, a walk in nature, or something a bit higher intensity, I love to move well each day and support my health with nourishing, homemade foods. I believe in dreaming big and living authentically, hoping to inspire others to do so too. Exploring the world, its cultures, learning about people and connecting with communities that differ from my own lights me up! I think it is important to laugh, love and learn something new each day.